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Align’s investment strategies are based on decades of rigorous academic research and on the latest thinking applied to your particular situation. Our investment management services include custom-designed investment strategies and ongoing portfolio management. We also deliver periodic performance reviews to ensure alignment of your portfolio with your goals and cash flow needs.

You are unique. Accordingly, your portfolio is built to most efficiently address your specific needs. And, because taxes can be such a huge drag on your portfolio’s real value, we are vigilant about minimizing your taxes.

Your financial situation is unique. Accordingly, your plan is customized to align your current financial situation with your specific goals and objectives. All of our investment strategies are based on three fundamental, long-term observations:

  • Most capital markets are highly efficient. Outperforming them is difficult and entails increasing both risk and cost. Caution is essential.
  • Risk matters. Risk control can avoid painful surprises and ensure that an investment program is maintained through difficult periods.
  • Costs & taxes matter. Costs have always mattered, and tax efficiency is increasingly important in today’s changing tax environment.

These observations are not controversial, yet too often they are overlooked as critical components to creating and managing your hard-earned money. And, we continually monitor your strategy to ensure that your wealth is always aligned with your life.

Below are some of the key concepts underpinning our investment approach:



Exposure to numerous asset classes reduces the risk that any one investment or any one market could substantially impact your portfolio. Volumes of empirical studies confirm that stock picking and market timing are not worth the increased risk and cost you incur by engaging in such activities. Accordingly, our portfolios are diversified across more than 12,000 securities, representing companies and governments operating in 47 countries worldwide.


Stock Risk Factors

The Risk/Reward Tradeoff In general, stocks are more volatile than bonds. However, not all stocks are equally risky. Small-company stocks (“small-caps”) are riskier than large-company stocks, and low-priced “value” stocks are riskier than high-priced “growth” stocks. Risk and reward go hand-in-hand. Exposure to small-cap and value stocks can increase expected returns. And, these risk dimensions are strong and consistent not only in the US, but also overseas.


Bond Risk Factors

Bonds have two primary risk factors:

Credit Risk: Lower credit quality bonds are riskier than higher credit quality bonds.

Time Risk: Longer-term bonds are riskier than shorter-term bonds.

These observations are not controversial, yet too often they are overlooked – even though they are fundamental to preserving and growing your hard-earned money. Accordingly, we continually monitor each of these issues to ensure that your wealth is always aligned with your life.

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